Keypads, card readers, and even biometric readers provide controlled access for Calgary businesses.


Entrapass DSC

Acting as the security management system (SMS), EntraPass can enable alarms from Data Security Controls (DSC) intrusion detection systems to be fully integrated via the access control system.

Inputs from intrusion panels are placed as icons on the EntraPass graphical maps. This provides a graphical representation of the physical layout of intruder sensors. Via EntraPass there is central alarm monitoring of both access control and intrusion alarms.

Intrusion alarms are received, processed and reported on for central management on the EntraPass system. Operators can perform manual operations such as arm/ disarm partitions, modify alarm panel user codes, as well as use access control readers to arm/disarm alarm panels.


Smart Cards and Multi-Technology Readers offer end-to-end encryption that makes them virtually impossible to duplicate, clone or copy. It is a cost effective strategy to change from proximity cards to this advanced smart card technology with quick installation.


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