24-hour, seven day a week fire protection for Calgary businesses.

ULC approved fire alarm and security monitoring services.leftside_ulc_standards-eng

fireTruckOur customer monitoring centres are inspected and listed by Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC) and offer 24 hour, seven day a week protection. ULC approval assures: professional staffing, safeguarded facilities, computer assisted reporting, complete documentation of system activities and testing.


  • What to do should a fire break out
  • Is your building subject to any special fire codes or requirements?
  • We dispatch the fire department immediately in case of a fire
  • Have you experienced water damage to a faulty system?
  • Is your sprinkler system working properly?
  • We have equipment that monitors your premis to limit costly failures
  • We notify keyholders of any equipment malfunctions
  • Installed, tested, and maintained by qualified Certified Alarms tech.


Save Insurance Costs

Many insurance companies grant discounts for a fire and sprinkler system monitored by ULC listed companies.

Limit Unneccessary Damage

A sprinkler system that malfunctions can release many gallons of water into a building causing a great deal of damage. Our monitoring system minimizes damage.

Save Your Money

The Critical Equipment Monitoring System is more reliable and cost-effective than using people to observe critical functions. Your business could suffer if an important piece of equipment such as a freezer, boiler, air conditioner or compressor breaks down.

Reduce False Alarms

The system’s capacity to locate the origin of an alarm allows corrective measures to be taken at the first service call.

Fire Monitoring

In many communities, fire authorities require commercial and public premises to be equipped with fire alarm systems. You can be directed to a Monitoring Centre which dispatches help, on a 24-hour basis / 365 days a year.

Sprinkler Monitoring

A sprinkler system will retard the spread of flames until the fire department arrives. However, if accidentally activated, the same sprinkler system will cause damage by releasing water into the building. The sprinkler monitoring system avoids this kind of disaster. In the event of a sprinkler malfunction, the Certified Alarms Customer Monitoring Station notifies the appropriate authorities before extensive damage is done. We monitor key zones of you sprinkler system to ensure that it is ready to work when required by making sure valves remain open and ciritical parts stay in working order. We can also monitor waterflow, water pressure, power loss, and temperature.

Critical Equipment Monitoring

Certified Alarms alerts you before malfunctioning equipment can disrupt your business. Our full range of sensors detect abnormal temperature, pressure, power, fluid flow and liquid levels. In case of trouble, Certfied Alarms’ Monitoring Station notfies you of the problem so appropriate action can be take.


Alberta Building Code

The owner of a building requires signals to the fire department shall provide evidence of compliance to the authority having jurisdiction by means of a Fire Protective Signaling Certificate from a certified listing agency showing:

a) the address of the building,
b) the listed fire alarm installation company, and
c) the listed fire alarm monitoring company.

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