IP Cameras

IP Cameras

The Internet Protocol (IP) camera incorporates up-to-date technology that improves surveillance quality. It not only allows two-way audio single-network cable users to communicate with what they are seeing, but also has a higher image resolution.

Reasons for use

Image resolution

Up to 20 times better than analog cameras

Easy installation

Only 1 cable for multiple IP cameras to connect to the network

Safe data storage

Video footage saved straight to a cloud-based server (no CDs or tapes)

Highly accessible

Video footage on any internet-connected device (with the right permissions)

Secure video footage

Encrypted and authenticated video stored

Compatible with web-based applications (ie. access control systems)

Save time without manually inputting data

IP Camera Types

Type 1:

Has a camera body, to which lenses of different focal lengths and/or fixed or variable irises may be attached. Because of its flexibility of configuration, this type of camera is normally used in most commercial video surveillance systems.

Type 2:

Fixed lens mounted on a circuit board. Lenses in these cameras are either of a normal industry aperture or a “pinhole” lens of very small aperture. Pinhole lens cameras are often called “spy” cameras and can be mounted in a concealed way, for covert surveillance purposes.
They are packaged in a small case (Mini Cameras), dome (Mini Dome), or simply sold unpackaged.

Type 3:

Once used almost exclusively by large corporations, government buildings, and casinos, Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) with AI (Artificial Intelligence) cameras have now become much more affordable and offer better performance than just a few years ago.
These cameras rotate horizontally 360°, vertically 90°, and have electrically-powered zoom lenses, which are capable of giving better than 15 times optical zoom. They respond quickly from motion-activation and are controlled through a connected controller and/or through an appropriate NVR (Network Video Recorder).

PTZ cameras are normally mounted in domes and when used outside, the domes are weatherproof, cooled, and heated.
They have the ability of being used simultaneously with an alarm – therefore if the alarm senses motion at the back door – the camera can automatically move to that location and record a video of that area.

For more Information visit www.certifiedalarms.ca

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