Keypads, card readers, and even biometric readers provide controlled access for Calgary businesses.


CDVI manufactures card access control systems. It allows the monitoring of both, internal and external, premises, making it cost effective.


  • Keyless entry
  • Personalized access levels (limiting access through group permissions)
  • No card cloning unlike existing access controls systems (ie. keys and other fob systems older than 2015)
  • Save time by not having to contact various people for any adjustments (popular in event centres, hotels, schools)
  • If a card is lost, it can be deactivated until found or left deactivated once you replace it with a new card (cost $10-$20)
  • Monitor history of entry – the system records the time, location, and name of the person
  • Reports can be generated with early-to-open, late-to-close, denied entry, etc.
  • Less utility costs – when you integrate security system with building maintenance system (ie. turning off the lights and temperature control)
  • Can be integrated with intrusion alarm systems
  • Backed up data automatically to prevent any loss
  • Increase security – no PIN sharing since a card can be taken away unlike a PIN
  • Dual authenticity (PIN pad, fob, and/or card)


Variety of card readers to accommodate aesthetics and applications:

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