The Firewall of Protection: Blocking, Tackling, and Intercepting Challenges with Top Access Control Systems

Commercial Security Systems at Certified Alarms Never Drop the Ball, Keeping Your Assets Safe and Sound 24/7.

At Certified Alarms, our access control systems blend powerful security with incredible convenience.

Our computerized systems enable customized access permissions and comprehensive activity tracking with the help of smart technology built rather than old-fashioned physical keys. We provide complete access control services fit for organizations big and small.


Access in Seconds with Verified Credentials

Our secure access control services allow instant authorized entry. Once given clearance, employees scan badge cards or biometrics to pass through doors, equipment, restricted areas, and more in seconds. Systems deny access and log all attempts made with unused credentials

Do More from One Central Platform

With our secure web-based platform, management can set role-based access rules with a few clicks. Easily permit gate, elevator, and parking access by time of day, location, and job function. Instantly add or revoke temporary access clearance. Our commercial security systems adjust permissions in real-time from any device.

Smart and Convenient Security and Access Control Systems

  • We offer control access to equipment, storage areas, interior spaces, buildings, and other regions.
  • Granting access to employees based on their roles, with personalized timetables and limitations.
  • Immediately grant or withhold authorization in response to changing needs.
  • Our commercial security systems send immediate notification alerts for unauthorized access.
  • Our comprehensive activity audit trails enhance investigations.



Flexible Authentication Options

  • Secure access with PIN codes, access cards, or biometric data
  • Supports keypad, card reader, fingerprint, face recognition, and beyond
  • Choose authentication methods fitting your risk profile and use case

Scales to Accommodate Business Growth

As your locations, employee count, and regulatory landscape expand, our powerful access control systems smoothly scale. The professionals at Certified Alarms make it simple to add advanced authentication methods like biometrics when ready without replacing infrastructure.

Partnering with our commercial security systems, you always enjoy peace of mind and keep track of everything in your business at your fingertips.

So, what is the wait for? Connect Certified Alarms today and protect your business, people, and assets with innovatively designed access control systems.

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