Guarding Gates, Quenching Fates with ULC Commercial Access Control

The Door Detectives: Commercial Access Control and Your Badge of Security

Do you constantly worry about unauthorized access, stolen assets, or compromised staff safety at your business? Well, you are not the only one.

Welcome to Certified Alarms, a commercial access control company that offers 24/7 protection. Our experts and professionals never take permissions lightly. Our super-human monitoring squad guards your doors with military-grade encryption, Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered threat detection, and human oversight.


The commercial access control professionals at Certified Alarms ensure complete personalized security and protection for all retail stores, warehouses, offices, or you name it. If you are looking for commercial access control with 100% uptime, unbreachable system security, and ultra-rapid response times, then you are at the right place.

Our Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC) certification validates that we deliver the highest control standards in the industry. There are no questionable back doors, compliance gaps, or sleeping on the job. Just continuous and exceptional performance for your business to bet on.

Put your trust in us and let our door detectives do the work for you!


Premium Protection with ULC’s Access Patrol  

  • Air-Tight and Military-Grade Data Encryption
  • Rapid Verification of Every Access Attempt
  • Contain Threats Before Damages and Losses
  • Audit Trails Including Credentials, Door and Timestamps
  • Automatic Alerts for Unfortunate Events

The Benefits Blitz: Tackling Fears Without Hesitation

  • Compliance Assurance

    ·        Regulatory Compliance

    Commercial access control systems at Certified Alarms not only bolster the physical security of your premises but also ensure strict adherence when it comes to regulatory standards and dealing with operational complications.

    ·        Incident Response Documentation

    Commercial access control systems contribute significantly to incident response documentation. In times of a security breach, the system captures crucial data regarding the incident.

    Remote Access Management

    ·        Mobile Control

    Make operations more efficient by utilizing on-the-go access management via mobile devices. This allows for flexibility in permission adjustments and security oversight at all times and locations.

    ·        Emergency Reaction

    With lockdown features, two-way communication, and fast alerts, commercial access control with Certified Alarms facilitates quick responses in emergency situations while also guaranteeing the security of your employees and property.



Compliant System


Protected Premise



Fire Alarm Panel

Sprinkler Riser

Communication Path


Active or Passive

Multiplex, Internet

DACT c/w Cell

Fire Signal Receiving Center – ULC Listed


Receiving Units

Sufficient Staff

Monitoring for Improved Security Confidence

Life Guardian Protection

We are sleepless protectors guarding access to your facility night and day.

We offer 24/7 professional monitoring to keep your facility secured at all times. Our operators receive real-time alerts if any unauthorized credentials attempt entry or if a door is left open. Our commercial access control services can instantly notify management of suspicious activity and dispatch first responders as needed.

Rapid Threat Response

Do you know that the average threat response time at Certified Alarms is just under 60 seconds?

Monitoring personnel can also revoke access remotely, contain threats, and implement emergency protocols on command. With preventative measures and rapid response times, we stop security threats in their tracks to keep staff, assets, and the facility safe.

Customized Access Management

Commercial access control systems offer flexible access rules customized to your business’s changing requirements.

From our central command dashboard, we can customize access permissions across your entire system. Easily grant entry rights, revoke access for separated staff, restrict high-security areas, and more with just a few clicks.


Detailed Security Analytics and Thorough Testing

We stress testing beyond limits so your access control never cracks.

With commercial access control services at Certified Alarms, we constantly test the performance and failures to further enhance testing and security measures to work flawlessly at all times.

Apart from this, our systems offer detailed audit trails that portray every access attempt, whether authorized or restricted. With this data, you can closely analyze activity trends to optimize access rules and quickly investigate any incidents.

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